Why choose concrete over other building materials

Among the materials used for construction, concrete is one of them. it is the most widely used material for construction. What makes it so popular and largely used? Let us find out


Concrete is cheap compared to other building materials such as stone. Other than being cheap, concrete is widely available.


Concrete hardens and gains its full strength at ambient or room temperatures, according to the staff at CC Concrete. The reason being concrete is made of materials that are bonded by low temperatures. Again, it can be used in any construction irrespective of the weather.

Ability to form different shapes

During its preparation, concrete has a liquid state which allows it to be cast into different shapes and sizes to meet the demand of any construction. Adjustment of the mix is all that is required.

Energy efficiency

Concrete building

If you compare the production of concrete and steel in terms of energy, concrete requires less energy to produce. Concrete takes 400-800 kWh/ton of energy to produce a plain cement concrete while that of reinforced concrete consumes 800-3000 kWh/ton.  Structural steel requires 8500kWh/ton which is three to ten times the energy used.

Resistance characteristics

Although chemicals in water can cause corrosion in pure and reinforced concrete, concrete can withstand water without much deterioration. This property makes it ideal for constructions such as dams, pipelines, and canals. Pure water has no devastating effect on either the concrete or reinforced concrete. Chemicals but not limited to sulfates and chlorides tend to cause corrosion on concrete products.


As stated earlier, the rate at which concrete expands and contracts almost equal that of steel. Thus, making it easier to reinforce with steel. This results in a structure with more compressive strength. Also, concrete protects the steel from corrosion due to the presence of CH and other alkalies.



Concrete does not need to be coated to prevent weathering or any other effect as compared to wood or steel structures. It reduces the maintenance cost because it does not need the replacement of coat every now and then as in the case of wood and steel.

Application method

A major advantage of concrete is that it can be applied using different methodologies. It can be poured, hand-applied, sprayed, grouted, and pumped.


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